Romanian-American Association for Promoting Medical Assistance, Education and Human Services, the Romanian acronym – A.R.A.P.A.M.E.S.U., was founded in 1995 on the initiative of Sister Mary Rose Christy, a great soul. The association is established as a non-governmental, non-profit, autonomous and apolitical, with legal personality and its own administration in organizing and carrying out services to families at risk of abandoning their children and maintain family through specific programs.

Day Center of A.R.A.P.A.M.E.S.U. Association aims to prevent social exclusion of children and families at risk of social isolation or incapable of providing minimum conditions of subsistence, upbringing and education, based in the area of Gusterita Sibiu, through a program of medical services, educational, psychological and social services offered daily at the Day Center.

The center provides children from this area, proper conditions for education and supervision after school hours, to keep them safe in the most vulnerable period of “attractions” from outer world and from the “exciting” street life.



A.R.A.P.A.M.E.S.U. Association aims in providing consultation, including juridic, material support and assistance in various forms to individuals and families. Humanitarian aid, depending on period of deployment and necessities, consists in: food, clothing, medicines, books, and more.


Objectives, according to art.5 of A.R.A.P.A.M.E.S.U.’s Statute are:

The Main Objective that the association promotes through programs and its staff, is the prevention of school and family abandonment. This goal is to be achieved with programs in the Day Center through educational, recreational, social activities and individual and group counseling. Other goals pursued are: to improve living conditions of families; promote and support the rights of children and families; increasing socialization in the community.


Social Services provided:



Children aged 6-14 years old from Gusterita Sibiu and also from the entire town Sibiu, from families at risk of social isolation or incapable of providing minimal subsistence conditions, upbringing and education. Characteristics of our group and selection criteria are: lack of material resources of families, increased risk of neglect and abuse of children, without adequate housing, children at risk of becoming street children, pre-delinquent conduct and behavioral disorders, school dropout and non-participation in school activities and also poor healthcare.




Social Assistants: